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Let It Snow

Let It Snow

Any similarity to another tutorial 
is strictly coincidental
please do not take this tutorial and claim as your own

supplies needed
paint shop pro any version 
i used psp9
a scrap kit of  choice  I used  the free blog train from  Faerie
called  a fairytale Holiday  by Crystal Creations
i will be posting asap when the blog train will be running 
sorry this kit is not yet  available
two masks
a font and a tube
plug in  Xero
remember if you are using a ptu tube  make sure you place the licence and  copyright information

lets start :o)

down load your kit and open psp

find your tube and minimise in  your psp programme for later
i used a work area of 1000x1000  raster layer 
you can always  make it smaller :o)

Find your  frame of choice

copy and paste into your  work area 

now find a  paper from the kit and paste onto your work area
drag the paper under the  frame by clicking the  layer in your layer pallette
now  using your  eraser and keeping the highlight on your paper layer  remove all of the  papers showing on the outside edges of the frame

now go to  Effects /3D effects choose drop shadow  with the 
info below

now to add the tube

click on your tube and  copy/paste into your frame 
if needed  resize the tube until you are happy with it 

i like to make my tube look like it is  climbing out of the  frame 
to do this you will need to use your eraser 

first click on your layer pallette and choose the  tube make sure it is highlighted

now go to selections  select/select all/
select float/select defloat

now you should have marching ants around your tube
highlight your frame and then  using the  eraser 
rub out the  parts of the frame that are covering  what you want to show 
like below

now youwill add   the other elements that you want to add
i used the  gift boxes and some beautiful baubles 
a christmas stocking
and a little fairy with a bauble
i made the fairy look like she was  trying to place the  bauble she was carrying into the top of the stocking 
i did this by placing the  element  (fairy) where i thought it would look best  then chose to lower the opacity of the element in the  layer pallette 
i then carefully  erased the bottom  part of the bauble

once you have  added all the  things you wish to use 
and are satisfied with the result 

go back to your tube in the layer pallette and  right click  duplicate
on the original  tube 

go to effects /plug ins and find xero
using the  options below  place porcelain onto your  original tube 

now go to your copytube and  select  effects /plugins/xero
mistifier with the  info below

again on copy tube  go to effects/plugins/xero radience
with the info below

now that is done  on your copy tube  take the opacity down to 30%
as shown below

now right click on your  copy layer and  merge down

x out raster 1 by clicking on the eye to the right

now go to layers /merge/merge visible

next you will find your two papers for the masks 

choosing your first  paper copy and paste then draw down below your picture
go to layers /load save mask
and choose your  mask click on the mask and then right click on the maks layer in your layer pallette and choose merge group

repeat this with your  second paper and mask 
on the second mask i find it looks better if you go to 
image and choose  mirror then flip 
it gives a different  pattern if you do this plus if  you chose two masks then you get the best of both of them

now go to your pallette and  click on the eyes of the mask layers

choosing your  picture layer  
right click and duplicate
on the original layer  go to image and resize to 90%
on your top layer  go to image a resize to 80%

back to your original picture layer 
go to adjust /blur and choose gaussian blur
 using the  image below  make the same amount of blur

on your copy layer  now place the same  drop shadow as above 

find your font and then write your name 
and  A Merry Christmas

now  layers /merge/merge visible

add the  tube owners copyright and licence if you have one
now again layers /merge/merge visible

thank you for  using my tutorial


Have a Very Merry Christmas

once  the blog train is  activated  you can go to Crystal's blog here to collect it

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