Friday, 13 January 2017

How to make a quick page 

things you will need to  make a Quick page for your  scrapbook

you will need coral paint shop pro any  edition

plug ins 
muras meister

you will  need a  scrap kit  

i have used the scrap kit 

Heart Beats
Daelmans Designs

you can purchase this kit from

i am showing a preview of what you will be making

please do not  take this  image  it 
belongs to  Daelmans Designs
in complete and each element 

I am assuming  you have  a working knowledge of  using p.s.p

lets get started :)

find  your  paper that you wish to use

for the moment  minimize your paper 
go back to your  kit and find out the elements 
you want to use 

first off go to file ( top left )
and in the drop down  list choose  new 
you will see a box appear 

into the box you just made  
find a pretty flower  so we can make a start with the frame
put the flower into the centre of your  image 
next go to  effects /plug ins/ muras meister/copies

 now click on the preset menu ( bottom left)
and choose  encircle
once you have done  this click on OK

now minimize your flower circle  and choose again new
now look through your elements that  have a curve  and you think will look great as a background to your flower circle

change all the numbers on the right of the image below to same numbers

once you have clicked  OK
then maximize your flower circle
by right clicking your mouse button and choose  copy in the options you see
back to the second circle (silver) 
and click right  button on mouse and choose paste as new layer

it should now look like this 


next you will need to find something  that is long  to make  the left  part of the 
frame to give it  some filler 
i used one of the wonderful elements from the kit  
hopefully  you will have something similar
choosing your element   duplicate it twice more

then stagger them on the left side of your  flower  circle
once this is completed  
go to
layers/merge /merge visible

now open up again your  paper  
go to your circle and left  click on the top of the box and choose copy

and place your  circle  where you wish it  to be

making sure that in your layers pallet you have you  flower circle  active
as show above 

now  go to the left bar running from bottom to top of  the program 
and choose magic wand tool

click inside of your flower ring 
now go to selections / modify/ expand by 2 
once this is done   click in your layer palette and choose the paper 
( you may need to take it from background to layer 
right click and choose that option
once you have your paper layer   highlighted  then hit the delete key in the center of your keyboard 

this will remove the center in your flower  ring  so you can place a photo or  something you wish to display 
choose what  you wish to display  in the circle
and then
go to layers  merge merge visible 
i personally  decided to write something  you could use a poem or  a song 
but always remember to 
give copyright and  name of   artist
if  you  use someone else's work
and your done

here is mine with a picture of my grand daughter 

hope you liked this  tutorial 

i also made a tag  this kit is so versatile 

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