Thursday, 17 October 2013

the unicorn

Unicorn Realm

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

for this tutorial i have used the program psp 9

for this tut you will need the following 
a tube i used the beautiful art work of  © Cris Ortega

you can find her art here

please make sure you read her tou

i have used the beautiful scrap kit  Unicorn Realm by FWTags

you can purchase the kit
plug in : mura's meister /copies /encircle

and two masks of choice the  masks i used are by  Trese
you can find them  Here

and a font of choice 

lets get started 

open a new raster layer  1000x1000
we will resize later 
on your first work layer  flood fill black  choosing a mask of your choice  go to layers /load save  mask and find the mask you have  chosen 
right click on the mask layer in your layer pallette and  choose merge group
 go to adjust  /add noise  and put the  percentage to 100%

now duplicate your mask  layer and  go to image /flip/mirror

find a nice paper from your kit and again choosing another  mask  follow the instructions as above 
right down to the image flip / mirror

go to your  kit and find a nice flower  a swirl type one 
copy and paste as new layer then resize by 60%
go to plug ins /muras meister and choose copies /encircle

find another flower  and again repeat now  the same with mura's meister  same settings
place the  second flower circle  over the first one

find your tube and  making  sure you have highlighted the layer below your first flower layer copy and paste as new layer 

duplicate this layer and  bring the duplicate layer to the top
using your eraser tool erase out any of the bottom of the tube that is showing over your flower circles 

i was lucky enough to have some pretty sparkles in my kit and i again did the same 
copy paste as new layer and  plug in mura's meister  /encircle

now if you wish you can  add a few  more elements to your  tag  once you are satisfied with the  tag you have created 
make up some word art to go with your graphic 
 add your name and  copyright and url of your artists also a licence if a ptu tube 

layers merge /merge visible /duplicate on your original layer  resize all layers unticked  and choose 85%
on your duplicate layer resize by 80%
back to original layer 
and  go to adjust blur gaussian blur and choose the amount of 23 %

now you can again merge /merge visible 
right click the top of your work area and choose copy 
go to image /resize /change the  percent to pixels and then choose  600 on the highest of the two numbers showing  make sure you click on the box all layers  click ok 
thats it your done you can now  save your tag as a png and  show it off 

happy tagging :0)

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