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Girls Dreams

Girls Dream

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

for this tutorial i have used the program
 paint shop pro 9 but any one will do

for this tut you will need the following

a tube i have chosen the tube 
by VeryMany
you can purchase the tube here

i have used the awesome scrap kit 
Girls Dream
designed by  FW Tags
who is a designer for 
you can purchase the kit here  or Here
plug in :
muras meister /copies/ encircle
eye candy  gradient glow
mask of choice
two font's  of choice 

lets get started 

open a new raster layer 1000x1000
i know this is large but we will resize at the end 
open the elements  folder in your purchased kit 
and find a nice swirl or  ribbon  similar to the one i used 

copy paste onto your  work area as a new raster layer 
resize if needed

effects/ plugins 
mura's meister /encircle 
use the default setting 
back to the folder and  open the papers folder if in a different folder 
copy / paste as new layer and drag down below your encircle  layer 

now the tricky fiddly bit 

using you eraser tool  carefully 
 erase any of the paper showing around the outside  of your swirl encircled layer 

next find a nice flower and resize by 60%   resize all layer unchecked ( no tick in the box )
again back to effects/plug ins/ mura's meister encircle 
place this inside the first circle you made 

back to your  swirl circle and  with the same flower again resize  another 60%  copy/paste as new layer 
right click on the small flower layer  and 
choose duplicate 
do this using the first small flower  each time until you have covered a part of the swirl where the  small flower is effective

find  some more elements that you think will enhance the  tag
 i used the  bag, the heart on a chain and the balloon from  the kit 
resize to what ever you think looks good on your tag 
find your tube you wish to use  there are tubes provided in the kit  so you could use them they are very cute  but i wanted to give a different perspective to this tutorial as you can see below  when i made the second tag using both a tube and other elements 
copy and paste the tube as a new raster layer 
place it  in the center of the tag  making sure it is the top layer on your layer pallette

back to your kit and find another contrasting paper and copy paste  as new layer 
drag below all other layer  so the paper layer is now bottom layer 
go to layers load save mask and choose your mask 
once you have chosen your mask click ok 
if you dont like that mask
 remember at every stage  you can use the back button and change it 
on mask layer in your pallette right click and choose  merge  group
now go to effects 3d effects and choose drop shadow from the list
make sure you put the tick in the box marked  shadow on  new layer 
once you have  done this  choose your paper mask layer and  duplicate as above 
on duplicate layer  active 
go to image /mirror/flip

on shadow layer again duplicate 
go to image /mirror/flip

now add  word art of your choice 
you can use word art  you have downloaded or you can make your own like i have 
pick out  the words you have typed that you want to make stand out and use  the  first font
 ( script type)
for the other words choose a normal font  or less scripted 
you can see mine  if it helps
layers/merge  visible
duplicate the complete tag and resize the  original tag  by 85%
on the duplicate  layer  resize by 80%
on your original tag layer 
go to adjust blur gaussian blur by  22.00
go to image  /resize and change percent to pixels
and  tick the  resize all layers
now your tag and the  layers will be the size you want for your tag

once this is done  then add your copyright for the tube 
and if needed your licence number 
dont forget the url of the artist
if you are using a tube from the kit  please make sure you use the 
copyright name and url of the kit designer 
in this instance it will be  FWtags and her blog address
only if you have used a tube  from the kit though 
remember you must always  honor the artist
and use their own copyright and url  with licence if a  PTU tube 

Second tag using a tube from the  kit 

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