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silent soul 

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

tube PTU 
anna marine
you can purchase it  it Here
scrap kit : PTU  Emo Rocks
by DwanaDesigns
you can purchase the kit HERE
frame Here
plug ins 

open your frame layer in psp

open your tube and minimise
choose a paper from your kit
paste as new layer 
drag below the frame layer using your raster deform tool bring the paper down so that it fits inside the frame 
you will find that the corners of the paper show 
using your  eraser tool erase any of the paper showing beneath the frame
find a nice element and copy paste as new layer resize if needed
add a drop shadow of choice 
copy your tube and  paste as  new layer 
duplicate your layer tube 
on your original layer tube  effects/plug ins / xero /porcelain 
with the setting below

on your copy tube layer  effects/plugins/xero /mistifier with settings below

again on your copy tube layer  effects / plugins / xero / radience with the setting below

on your blend mode in your layer pallatte  change the blend to screen and  change the opacity to 70%
with your copy tube highlighted  right click and merge/merge down
find a doodle in your  kit and  copy paste as new layer drag it below the  bottom layer 
 drag it slightly to the left so  some of the doodle shows under the left side of the frame 
on doodle layer  right click /duplicate 
image /mirror and again just tweak it so it looks like  the left side 
add a couple of  elements  to the top left of the frame  resizing them to around 40% 
add a drop shadow of  choice to each element and your tube 
then layers / merge /merge visible 
add your copyright/url and licence if you have one for your tube 
layers/merge/merge visible
duplicate your merged  layer 
then on original layer resize by 85% on your copy layer resize by 80%
highlight your original merged layer  
adjust/blur/Gaussian blur 21
on your copy layer  adjust sharpness / sharpen  click once only
now add your name 
if you have some kind of netting then  copy paste as new layer and drag to bottom of layer pallette  place it where you like the look and if  needed duplicate and mirror to give the effect i have 
add your name and your done 
hope you enjoyed this tutorial :o)


Emo Rocks 

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

tube PTU 
© keith Garvey
you can purchase it Here
scrap kit : PTU  Emo Rocks
by Kimmilicious Kreationz
you can purchase the kit HERE
plug ins 
paint shop pro
animation shop  3
eye candy / glass

open a new raster layer 1000x1000 we will resize later 
choose a paper from the kit and open in your psp
on your forground  pallette 
go to patterns and find your paper with the settings below

using your eclipse tool 
with the settings below

hold down shift and draw a large circle 
right click on your vector layer in the layers pallette and convert to raster layer 
selections/select all/selections/float/selections/defloat
add a new raster layer make sure this layer is active 
using you flood fill tool 
click inside the marching ant 
you will now see your paper as a circle 
name this layer frame 
selections/select none
go to effects /plugins/eye candy/glass with  settings below

now delete the original circle  from the layer pallette  by clicking the small x far right at top of layer pallette 
open another contrasting paper and  copy/paste into your work layer 
drag below your frame layer 
on your frame layer add a drop shadow as below

using your deform tool make the paper smaller 
using your eraser tool  erase any of the paper showing outside the edges of the frame 
open an element  resize by 60% and again copy paste onto your work layer 
drag below frame layer 
open your tube  and drag below the frame 
in the layer pallette change the blend mode to luminous 
any of the  tube showing below the  frame using eraser tool erase 
again copy /paste your tube onto your work layer and postition where you want it
add a drop shadow of choice 
finding some  more of the elements 
copy and paste  then place them where you like them
resize if needed 
add a drop shadow as above to each element 
add your copyright and url of your tube artist
if it is a PTU tube then  also make sure to add your licence number
once you have decorated your tag with all the elements you want to use 
go to layers /merge visible
duplicate the merged layer 
image resize by 85% on copy layer  again image resize by 80%
on your original merged layer  go to adjust blur gaussian blur by 16
lower the opacity of your blurred layer to 50%
layers merge /merge visable

 eye animation  
if you wish to animate this tag follow the instuctions below
duplicate the merged layer 
twice more 
zoom into your tag using the scroll on your mouse 
to the face  making sure you have  zoomed into the eye on the tube you wish to animate 
click on your forground and choose a light colour of the eye lid 
on your background colour  choose a dark colour at the edge of the eye 
changing the colours on the eye as you paint over it  so that it looks like the eye is closing on second layer paint and cover all the eye untill you have it coloured then choose  black and put a line along the bottom  for the eye liner 
keep zooming in and out checking that the colours merge properly 
on top layer leave as is 
on bottom and middle layer  using your soften brush gently just click where you have painted to soften it 
same on top layer 
starting with top layer 
right click copy 
open your animation shop and  paste as new animation 
back to psp and  highlight the middle layer and again copy / go to animation shop and right click the  frame and choose paste before  animation 
repeat this with your bottom layer 
stretch out your layers in animation shop 
so you can see each frame 
on the first frame where eye is fully open 
go to animation and  choose frame properties 
make the number 100

on second frame highlight and again animation frame properties and make that 5

on last frame again animation frame properties and make the number 35

at top left of animation shop  you will see a small film strip this will bring up the animation so you can check it looks right 
back to paint shop pro 
choose a font of choice and  write your name 
copy paste this into animation shop again pasting as new animation  again click on first frame of name and paste before current frame  
once again paste before current frame 
highlighting your first frame in yourname animation 
go to edit select all /edit propergate paste 
on your tag frames click on first frame to hight light /edit select all
on your name animation clikandhold and drag your name to where you want it on your tag frame 
it should copy all the frames of your name onto your tag 
to make sure again click on the animation top right to see if your name is copied onto ech of your tag animation if it shows your are done 
hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Life is puuuurfect

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

scrap kit : PTU KK_cat_dog
by Kimmilicious Kreationz
you can purchase the kit HERE

open a new work area 800x800
we will resize later 

find your first paper and copy/paste as new layer into work area 
using your preset oval shape  and foreground active  (x out background )
draw a circle with a colour that will enhance your paper  
right click vector layer and  promote to raster layer 
selections / select all, selections /float
selections/defloat , selections /invert
now highlight your paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard 
staying on your paper layer selections modify  /modify contract by 5
again hit delete on your keyboard 
drag your circle below  your paper layer in layer pallette  
highlighting the  circle layer 
adjust /add remove noise/ noise at 50%
effects/plugins/dsb flux /with setting below

click to highlight paper layer  in layer pallette
layers/merge/merge down
right click on the layer and rename  the paper layer to frame
find the tube of choice and place it under the frame layer
highlight your tube layer in your layer pallette  
selections/select all/select float /select defloat 
highlight your frame layer  and using your eraser tool  erase the top of the frame covering the top of your tube
duplicate your tube layer then highlight original tube layer 
effects/plugins/xero /porcelain /with the setting below

on your copy tube layer effects/plugins/xero mistifier with settings below

effects/plugins/xero radience with setting below

on your  copy tube layer  on blend mode  choose soft light  and if  you wish lower opacity to 80%
on copy tube layer right click  merge /merge down
now add your other elements from the kit and  place them  where you like them 
add a drop shadow to all as below 

layers/merge/merge visable
on my tag i used an element cats paw print and  resized by 15% 
effects /plugins/mura's meister/copies as shown below ( this is optional )

drag this layer to bottom of your layer pallette 
add noise to taste and a drop shadow
again layers/merge/merge visible
duplicate layer 
on duplicate layer resize by 80%
on original layer  resize by 85%
on original layer  adjust/blur/gaussian blur 38%

new raster layer 
using your paint brush /on circle size five 
click once in the middle of your work area 
effects/plugins/muras meister/copies/tiling 

highlight your blurred layer 
selections/select all/select float/select defloat/select invert 
hit delete on your keyboard
this should put  the dots you tiled so they are only on your your blurred layer  
(see mine for preview)
adjust/add remove noise / 80%
now add some words 
i chose mine because i used the cat from the kit 
add your name and  if you used a ptu tube add copyright/url and licence 
if ftu tube add copyright and url 
add your name 
merge merge visable 
resize to a size you like  and your done 
remember to  save as a png 
hope you enjoyed this tutorial :o)

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