Saturday, 16 March 2013

friends for ever

Friends for Ever 

any similarity
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

supplies needed
paint shop pro i used psp9 but any will do
two masks
a font 
a scrap kit 
i used the beautiful freebie kit 
from Dwana Designs
you can find it HERE
i used the beautiful art work of  © chiichanny
who is an artist for SATC
you can purchase the tube HERE

lets get started :o)

open a new raster layer 1000x1000 we will resize later 
find  an element flower or something similar to what i have used 
copy paste as new layer 
effects /plug ins/muras meister/copies /encircle
with setting below


duplicate this layer and  merge/merge down
back to your kit find a paper of choice
copy paste as new layer and drag below  the  circle 
highlight circle layer and using your magic wand 
click inside the circle
selections/modify/enlarge by 16
highlight your paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard 
selections/select none
find your tube and copy/paste as new layer 
drag your tube layer below the circle layer , resize if needed 
if you find there is  some of your tube showing below the frame then erase  if like me you like to show the top of the tube so it shows like they are coming out of the frame
highlight tube layer if not highlighted  
go to selections select all/selections/float/selections/defloat
now make your circle layer highlighted and  carefully erase around the top of the area you see the marching ants 
highlight tube layer and duplicate 
on original tube layer effects/plugins/xero/porcelain with the settings below

on copy of tube layer 
effects/plugins/xero/mistifier with setting below

staying on copy of tube layer again  effects/plugins/xero/radience  with settings below

on copy tube layer change blend to softlight 
on original tube layer  add a drop shadow of choice 
add any other embeleshments until you have what you like
once you have added everything you want  go to layers /merge/merge/visible
finding two contrasting papers you havent used open them in your psp 
first paper copy /paste as new layer 
layers/saveloadmask and find your first mask with settings below

click load
right click the  mask layer in your layer pallette and choose merge group
if your mask seems to large resize by 85%
repeat this with your second paper 
now finding a colour from your paper go to effects/drop shadow and change the colour of the shadow to your paper colour on your first mask layer 
settings for drop shadow as below

again on second mask layer different paper  repeat as above
 drop shadow again changing the colour box to match the paper
on mask layers right click/merge/merge down
now find another contrasting paper copy/paste as new layer
again layer/load save mask and find your second mask
again load as above and repeat for the drop shadow
add your copyright info and © of tube and your name
and any licence if you are using a PTU tube
layers/merge/merge visible

thats it your done :O)

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