Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I am Amazing

I am Amazing

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

my supplies here
mask by tresse found here 
font hawaii killer found here
you will need a tube with a close up if possible
i used  © neoracer 
who is an artist for SATC
you can purchase the tube HERE

open a new raster layer 800x800 we will resize later
find your supplies and open and minimise in your psp
find the flower and paste as new layer /resize by 80%
effects/plugins/muras meister/copies 
 on bottom drop down box choose encircle with the settings below

find paper 1 and copy paste behind  your flower circle
highlighting your flower circle layer  and using your magic wand tool 
click inside the circle /selections/select all
selections/float/selections/defloat/ selections /invert 
highlight your paper layer and  hit the delete key on the keyboard 
selections/select none
go to adjust/sharpeness/sharpen once only
find your tube and copy paste as new layer 
resize if needed
duplicate your tube layer 
on your original tube layer / effects/plugins /xero/porcelain
with settings below
on your ciopy tube layer seffects/xer/mistifier with settings below
again on copy tube effects/plugins/xero/radience
in your layer pallette change your blend mode to soft light 
right click on your copy tube layer and merge/mergedown
make sure your tube is  below the flower circle
selections/select all/selections/float selections/defloat
highlight your flower circle and using your r
eraser tool erase any of the flower circle covering the tube at the the top only
add a drop shadow  of your choice 
on your paper 2 copy/paste drag to bottom
layers/ load/savemask find your mask and load it
right click on the mask layer in your layer pallette and  choose merge/merge group
resize your mask layer and duplicate image/flip/mirror 
now move the mask layers so you can see them slightly untill you like the way they look

find your font and type some wording of your choice or you can copy mine

add your information for the tube and then add your name 

thats it your done  :)

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