Monday, 13 May 2013


any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

my supplies here
font of choice 
you will need a tube with a close up if possible
i used  © neoracer 
who is an artist for SATC
you can purchase the tube HERE

lets get started 
open your tube and supplies in psp

open your on your template 
choose which of the papers you wish to use 
copy paste paper  resize by 70%
highlight on the circle layer 
selections /select all/selections/float selections/defloat
selections /invert
highlight your paper layer and hit delete on your keyboard

repeat as above on both rectangles using the other two papers
find the flower and resize to fit inside  the  circle layer 
add a small drop shadow of choice 
find the two heart resize by 60% 
 place on the  left rectangle at the top
find your bow and  resize by 60% 
place this on the top of the left  rectangle 
so that it is slightly  over the two hearts 
find the brooch 
 place that at the bottom of the  right  rectangle 
duplicate the brooch layer and  mirror 
placing  it at the top of the   right side rectangle  
find the mask  resize by 50% 
 place that at the bottom right  triangle 
using your deform tool twist the mask a little to the right 
(see mine above )
if you wish you could find a different flower or use the same one 
and copy paste as new layer 
mura's meister  encircle using default settings 
drag the layer  down so it is just above the mask layer on the template 
  up  making sure the flower layer is highlighted 
now add your close up of the tube
now add the  full size of the tube resizing if needed 
add your copyright and  url of artist
and licence if you are using a ptu tube like me 
add your name 
x out the mask layer 
highlight one of the other layers 
and mmerge/merge visible 
duplicate the merged layer 
resize the original merged layer by 90 % 
the copy of merged layer by 85%

on the original  layer  adjust/blur/gaussian blur 20.00
on the mask layer 
adjust/add remove noise/ 40.00
now layers /merge/merge visible 

resize your finished  tag  to 600x600
thats it your done 

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