Sunday, 12 May 2013



any similarity
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own

i used the beautiful art work of  © chiichanny
who is an artist for SATC
you can purchase the tube HERE

i used the mini kit Fuitylicious mini  freebie
byDelicious scraps
you can find the  mini kit i used  HERE

plug ins :  xero mistifier , porcelain, radience
muras  miester copies

lets get started 
i am asuming you are using the  scrap kit  above 
open a new raster layer 1000x1000
we will resize later
open  doodle and the ribbon cluster 
resize the  doodle by 40% and then  copy paste to your work layer
repeat with the  ribbon cluster using your deform tool 
twist the ribbon cluster  so that it is  at the same angle of the  doodle stem 
making sure your doodle layer is active
selections/ select all /selections/float/selections defloat
selections /modify/contract and contract by 1
highlight your ribbon layer and  erase 
the  parts of the  ribbon that is showing over the  doodle
(check my tag for  help )
layers/merge/merge visible
selections / select none
on your merged layer  - effects /pluing/muras meister 
encircle with settings as they are 
duplicate your doodle/ribbon circle
and resize by 60% on your copy layer  again duplicate and again  resize by 60% 
now  move the two new doodle circles so they fit inside of each other 
now get your  fruitylicious bow i used the strawberry one
place this from lower left to upper right of your doole  circles 
using your warp brush  just gently tease the edges of the bow 
so they  look like they are wrapped round
now place your tube in the center by copy and paste as new layer 
i also added the glitter strawberries and  resized them by 30 %
then again used muras meister encircle and  dragged the layer below the doodle layer i
i then duplicated  went to image 
mirror/ flip

now find the font you want to use  add your name 
a now add your copyright and url for your artist and also the  licence if you need it 

and thats it your done

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