Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Circus Fun PTU tut

Circus Fun

any similarity 
to another tutorial is strictly coincidental
please do not copy  my  work or claim as your own 

for this tutorial i have used the program
 paint shop pro 9 but any one will do

for this tut you will need the following

a tube i have chosen the tube 
by Misticheskaya
you can purchase the tube here

i have used the awesome scrap kit 
circus fun 1
designed byShells Scraps
who is a designer for 
Exquisite Scraps
you can purchase the kit here 
plug in :
muras meister /copies/ encircle
eye candy  gradient glow
mask of choice
font of choice 

lets get started 
open a new raster layer 1000x1000
i know that large but we resize later :)

open 7 of your kit elements that will match together
choose a frame from your kit or an element that you can make into a frame 

if you are going to make the frame  
on your work layer  copy paste the  element you have chosen for the frame 
and image/resize by 30%
plugin : muras/meister  copies
on the bottom left  drop down choose encircle 
with the settings below

(click to enlarge )

in your layer pallette change the layer name to frame 
now  back to your kit find a nice paper and copy /paste as new layer 
drag below your frame layer
highlight your frame layer
click in side the  frame and selections /modify/expand by 5
back to selections  and click invert 
highlight your paper layer and hit  delete key on your keyboard
choosing one at a time  place your other elements 
 by copy /pasting as new layer with each element
move  your elements around untill you have them how you like them 
now add your tube 
if needed resize to fit  
so that it isn't overpowering your  work area
add a drop shadow of choice 

once this is done  layers /merge/merge visible

you can  make some word art using  your font  you have chosen 
i made mine 
all the fun ...
of the circus
 because the kit is a circus kit 

but you dont have to do this if you dont want too 
there are also lots of blogs that do  
word art 
a search will show you 

adding your name /word art

write  what ever you choose for your  word art 
then  if your type is in vector  right click and  change to raster layer 
once this is done
on your word
selections/select all/selections/float/selections/defloat
selections/modify expand by 5 
add a new raster layer drag below your word art layer 
choosing a contrasting  color 
use your paint brush and fill  inside  the marching ants making sure 
you are on the new layer 
once you have finished painting on your word art layer  right click and merge down 
repeat this with your name 
except  once you have merged the two layer ( name  /paint)
effects/plugins/eye candy /gradient glow 
with the settings below
dont forget to change the color 

add your copyright and url of your artist
 and if you are using a ptu tube  also  your licence 

merge/merge visible again 

image/resize  600x600  all layers ticked 

thats it your done 
hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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