Thursday, 13 June 2013

tutorial how to make a simple cluster frame

How to Make a simple cluster frame

i will be making the cluster with my own ptu kit 
Laura's Love 
found here

OK lets get started 

first thing read the tou of the designer 
make sure she allows  cluster frames  from her kits 
if she doesn't state this
 then best to message or email and make sure you are not violating her tou
remember to ask if it OK to use both elements and papers  for the frame

once you know it is OK to  make your cluster frame  from the  kit

open your psp and open a new raster layer 1000x1000
i know its large but you can re size later 
OK as long as you have permision 
open a paper you like from the kit
copy /paste as a new layer into your work area 
grab your  preset tool  rectangular 
this is the shape i am using you can of course 
use any of the other shapes 
width  60.00
draw out your rectangle to the size you want but 
make sure it isn't overlapping the edge of your paper 
right click in your layer pallette 
choose convert to raster layer 
go to selections/select all
selections /float

now click on your  paper layer to make it active 
hit delete on your keyboard 

you should now have something like this 

now you can delete your rectangle or  shape you chose 
working on your paper layer make it active 
it looks flat lets make it look a little more 3D

go to selections/select all/selectionsfloat/selections defloat

selections modify
choose contract 
contract by 14
back to selections and choose invert 
selections /modify/choose feather 
feather by 18
dont worry if it seems  most of the marching ants have gone i promise it will work
go to adjust Hue and Saturations and choose Hue/Saturation/Lightness
drag the right hand slider down to -20
selections select none
your frame should now look like this 

you have now basically made your frame 
you can now   add your elements 
to complete you cluster frame 
hope this helped and  happy cluster frame making :)

here is my finished product 

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